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tv   CCTV News  PBS  January 4, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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the appointment it all. it also tasted it. you and me who willingly. the us. i reckon it got me and i think the fleet a great week back monday or tuesday. one senior fellow at the art in attack come play in san francisco
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well what could it not just to keep the triple seven and get going on back in seattle and the deadwood sd after that i like running and they stand like to think i need want that. a genial watching cctv teams and won the last time i break but you know what snow dragon had been trapped by had the ice flows since find a path to rescue on fifty two members of the research team aboard a splendid russian national channels movement has been blocked by one common along high spirit which is continuously drifting north last one this massive flat top. i swear it is sometimes up to two point two two km close to a showdown. the team leader on board is set saturday morning that the ship and on the one hundred and one club members are flying and they are well supplied. the ctv news has received and the viewer to my place and from the film in and take the cap. technically just mean that the image quality is unfair to get mail
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our new family in the lead at halftime the sixth edition team said in the field but that could be a breakthrough soon the priest on our analyzes here we forecast that there will be a typical high effects carry on sixth and seventh these months and they seem poised to send cecily and effective i will still use my attention the west when we are hoping for me to come. in the case we would have less flaws around us who would choose the proper time keep in mind what a temperature and ocean currents will break out the free state. an area we've heard from the weathermen of what the soundtrack and he told us to shift the latest situation the last line there was this cycle i'm approaching this new freedom which are increasingly forced into the morning who were reading winds up to four states in the blowing has told of the falls are on our ice breaker to the conditions here are worsening. they love the director of the poll exploration of this at the state oceanic
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administration cheek and ellie explains why the sea alone can break free of monday or tuesday. use. so that you should be on his freakish you know was trapped in a place where winston on his preview these coal port with the impact of psycho and what role makes the cdc points to pose is twofold they think it's gone is the run. you know weeks' leave to play nice just to think for the sheep great fortune to the weather conditions will become favorable with a strong psycho foaming from the north collection on the sleet and wind from the east is expected to move on it's last legs away from the channel which means it is possible for sheer known to break free and moves eastward. now at the counter agonized for a contract in and cut the guy is chinese but fishing and a half bath on a vacant apartments according eight with the icebreaker to facilitate since it tends to break loose and to ensure
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the safety of the people on board. he has been cut hd one hundred and one staff on board the ship to stay calm and adopt scientific strategies for an early return. they allowed tiny screen unique the town has awful in ca to explore ancient team to stay safe and wait for opportunities to break the ice. well now the biggest obstacle to show getaway if the eyes close when a large horse mom. a flow is a free floating she gets the highest non biggest foe surrounding tissue moment is seven times the size of a football field and the smile is it the size of a table so most are at least a three to four meters said. however the maximum thickness to killing ten mil is just over one meter. she alone that rescued the master race sixteen in and tucked in pakistan is only an ice breaking national dish italy's comely on the thirtieth expedition. it was built in ukraine as a cargo ship in nineteen ninety three. it was produced by china and upgraded into a
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polar research at the one hundred and sixty seven neither vessel tell where it's at temperatures of minus forty degree celsius and break ins just over a meter thick. in two thousand and eight the shuttle was to use to help said abt ns first in line and practical research station. and it meets the highest gratitude in china's maritime navigation history in twenty ten well from too much i spend too much now a snow storm has dumped out to a foot of snow in the us midwest before moving over the nation's northeast blanketing the region. at least six deaths have been blamed on the weather and didn't tell in a freezing wind chills are now continuing nbc said dallas has this report the fall winter storm is not an ounce of snow and bone chilling temperatures remain as much as two feet of snow fell in parts of massachusetts for wind chills reached as low as twenty below is a nightmare it
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through the cold and wind through the experience to new endeavors bundled up i ate theirs on underneath it but the dangerous cold and slick roads were no laughing matter for new york city's new mayor just three days on the job people should not be on the roads today it is anyway they can help it. many who did venture out found trouble this was seen out on long island where cars were no match for the melting snow air travel also grounds will fall several airports across the region. thousands of flights canceled or delayed as the airports today struggled to get back to normal operations. meanwhile out on the shore the classic nor easter pushed the search anyone causing coastal flooding. in north attleboro massachusetts firefighters brave the weather to put out this funnier. the bill before the hearing both in flames is now in the state nights. but despite the wet snow and bitter cold. there are those finding time to regulate the first winter blast of
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twenty fourteen was the doctor recommends are not in the woods yet temperatures tomorrow are going to be bitterly cold especially when you factor in that when gel on long island answered all of nbc news. on a snow storm has really been in the reeking havoc across the us and the latest death toll now stands at sixteen and will certainly keep you updated as the situation develops. we love the uk has been soaked in severe flooding over the past week's heights high is a strong winds have brought great and is especially in southern and south west england. another round of store and is threatening to bring further fighting includes clean and pleasant land now want essentially jesus walked up calling clients and chill winds of course if it's nothing and is more expected great images of the display to thanks those people have been told to the main feature that when sinn fein and secretary elaine had to send
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out appeal to everyone the very place. with a warning for free without a regular basis by the environment. maybe to them. as the slots the titans will be dangerous witness b told to place itself would not receded to get the stinking storms on friday the uk confinement a cutesy she tends to deal with the warnings and ak steel possible links tonight exceptional weather conditions or was there taking a toll on which each business days. bad weather in the bum up to christmas puzzle but he didn't blame for keeping shoppers away from uk on streets and according to bt at the senior me to college is matt helps and it could become a familiar pattern. it's a phenomenon that sam is called jet stream. it's based in our own rhythm of strong winds brought about slices of miles above the surface. and it is always there really is a waste but it costs from america posted on six was the uk. but it does vary in
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strength and direction and the souls of changes in populations in the jet stream since our weather has been whispered strong west to the jet stream blood across the tank is too huge to shore up the warm air up from the mediterranean. also a strong that further afield such as the tropical wetlands take salsa warm admitting up across buying into a silly and it's cos of southeastern europe. also fit with the conditions of becoming more than old and cynical eighty one and kate at the pentagon and the current spate of bad was that that according to the nines pessimistic full costs. also that the us. i know
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cctv news we continue our coverage with the latest update of one face arson attack on the tiny snowflake in san francisco. sammy was cameras at the costly week one at the moment the fire started. plus we can see the recording shows the somebody holding a can of gasoline in writing at the front day in this present point aghast when i gaze and lights the fire. a witness who was driving by when the attack to play snap a photo class. she said that as she chilled by the costly at the street corner she safina broke out and that it was quiet and the line at the gates. she says when she picked out her phone to take a photo. the fire had become as high as a two story building. i even spread to the deeper lying three meters on the road and continued this fact. and a witness as if she could feel the key to the fire in her car even when she was three lanes away. a lot of time place post my one
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friend says effective measures have been put in place to protect the diplomatic institutions and staff working in america this is incredible. so we stopped the emergency response mechanism wednesday night after the incident opened to have heightened alertness and precocious student or the normal operation of the commons consent including recess the visa department is open as you are on the incident hasn't had much impact on their walk. well i found hobby us in a hostile attack against a powerful agent said the threatened the security of staff and nearby residents he caught us the parties to bring those responsible to justice. the fbi is as defined within the belief that the sentences of police department is providing round the clock protection at the consolation of investigation can she needs the us government has doubled security at the con slated to protect the diplomatic staff and facilities that cctv astronomer that compelling
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reports from san francisco well according to a source close the investigation the fbi is continuing to follow up on active needs that was what i was told and based on the conversation i wouldn't be surprised if they are stopping to listen in on a suspect or suspects it seems that the inquiries that they'd be making. one thing that sends and nobody the spot has been taken into police custody and then there is no establishment of course the fbi is leading the investigation because the arson attack our new state was against a dip in my state nation and a second and media sources that support it that is cctv footage. i'm from the consonants that shirt is a suspect in a mountain of bad and pouring gasoline on tenaciously to the concerts before it nice and it's one of them and all of the asian appearance for inconsistencies the fbi has not been able to confirm that report. neither have been able to confirm a report that there was a mom laughed at
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the scene of crime. i made since the reds something about human rights for setbacks the yes spokesman nice but he said that he conned cooperate that because the msm and that means at the scene the heat was so intense that there is guidance left behind said they say to my room is the day as a casing is people trying to piece together exactly what happens when one thing the spokesman could tell me though is that this investigation is the king of the incidents in isolation so i'm not thinking about it against the backdrop of the previous os an attack on the same building back in two thousand a swim with the security gates was paying them. nobody ever took responsibility for the attack but it was widely believed to be in the wake of pro tibetan independence protest is now in when beijing the chinese government the foreign ministry is also refusing to be torn on which organization or individual might lie behind the attack for them and says that doing so as to listen to you at once with a spokesman from the chinese foreign ministry to young have to say the mighty onto
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my time. china's foreign ministry has urged washington to take effective measures to protect its diplomatic institutions and start looking america to avoid any recurrence of such incidents even now we have also asked the united states has told the scotsman post investigation into the incident is underway and will provide updated information on the investigation. more results become available chinese foreign minister dai refusing to speculate on who might lie behind the house intact. however ambassador to the usa can pass as japanese prime minister shinzo abe's turned his back on history by visiting the war link. yes it could be trying in december to think i said the senate and to repeat the past of militarism which cost twenty two people of china the us and south korea. she's a
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loser. see i knew the solutions ave is attempting to change the wording in the case that has been trying to history in a final analysis he aims to walk the path of ministries them again. this visit is a matter of right and wrong. he's not a purse no action or an accidental we can't allow the postwar war two was ordered to the question what should be overturned. in order to establish that order. this opinion supplies were sacrificed. we can't allow japan's war oppression be repeated. we did cost a tragedy to the people of china the us and south korea while boeing machinists have approved of labor agreement that ensures the company's latest jetliner will continue to be built in the us state of washington. the contract docile save thousands of jobs and get it and gets millions of us dollars in economic activity to the states however in exchange
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the workers had conceded their pensions and healthcare benefits from thirty one thousand machinists voted on the crucial contract was fifty one percent choosing to accept the offer and forty nine percent opposed. one this deal guarantees boeing will build its new triple seven acts that minor and wanes in the seattle area through to twenty twenty four local union officials had opposed the proposal arguing that this amended till lunch at a time when a company is profitable. bullying has built an impasse in the seattle area for more than ninety years. it isn't out to cambodia at the governor of the capital phnom penh has bent the country's main opposition party from holding any more protests in the capital citing security concerns in a letter to the opposition national rescue party leader sam brings me down or pot to keep bond said that the party was banned from holding any more demonstrations tilt the security situation returns to normal. opposition leader brings a has been
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holding new round of anti government protests the daily since december fifteen demanding the resignation of prime minister hun son and of the vote. while this band has come after he crashed on friday which killed four protesters and left twenty six others injured. as i mentioned what people have been killed as police opened fire on striking government workers outside the cambodian capital phnom penh police said another twenty were wounded in southern seven of the capital on friday. what is not to roll and began burning tires and throwing objects at police officers what does that most of cambodia's more than five hundred garment factories are on strike. many indian police in the minimum wage to one hundred and sixty dollars a month when the government has offered one hundred the crunch comes the day after cambodian soldiers forcibly cloudy demonstration a turning point after two weeks of relatively peaceful strikes. local human rights group said the friday class was the worst est violence
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against civilians to hit cambodia in fifteen years the not to send a friendly election in bangladesh has been marked by a bloody street clashes with the opposition says it will boycott the vote. one thing the south asian country even deeper into crisis. be gentle follows the latest the fiance shoot in these tantalizing bangladesh say they will fully close the polls on sunday. tons of money and energy to steal the election the government says it will go ahead with the election anyway. don't say some claims the dream policy for the crisis weights change the constitution up to always go with the taking advantage of their maturity they amended the constitution and bpo to the caretaker government system from the constitution. its tentacle committed to the crisis. if it weren't for this crisis the election could have been held under the election commission accepted by all parties and under a neutral person as he
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was before. they'll say shane testimony that's prominence to shake us to not step down and appointed a new tool kit a demonstration to see the action was snowing which means the election will mainly be a contest between candidates from the living along the beach and its highlights in more than hopeful the street from the seats. the omani the candidates would stand unchallenged. i attended each of his constituency as a candidate. i urge you to book club books until fourteenth on the boat only allow me to support him. in recent weeks in march on the cover to attack has been cut off from the rest of the country has dealt station. this is east of moans and general strikes and transport. lucky its cd bins have been caught up in the shade. the list which it says more troops to fight this strikes me the growing sense of desperation over
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the pizza co in costs more than the homes in the fifty people have no need to risk it seemed so cool to the european union the british commonwealth and the us are not standing of the service for the election the government says the bolts will be critical. plus the fda is that it will only lead to more finance in general. cctv. well in the latest round of u s dutton diplomacy to the middle east the us secretary of state john kerry will try and persuade the israeli and palestinian leaders to agree on a framework for future negotiations to create a globally recognized palestinian state on israel's eastern border. while getting to this day to announce progress making further progress is going to be kept at ccp be crisp on staffing flames. the push from the occupied west bank the second day of high level meetings aimed at securing a palestinian israeli peace deal included the sit down with israel's foreign minister and an evening
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meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas secretary of state terri beliefs that a peace deal between the two sides can be accomplished. we have always known that achieving these is a lot of complicated process it's a tough road. but this is not mission impossible this is john kerry's ten days into the region since becoming america's top diplomat less than a year ago the pressure is mounting as he attempts to secure a framework agreement to try and resolve to bring you a regional conflict over borders the status of jerusalem security and a right of return for palestinian refugees negotiations are underway but the process is played by the straps. the meeting with president abbas. many palestinians took to be supermom and chanting go home protesting anything to deal with charisma. skepticism is
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also rampant in use for half the city's meeting israeli prime minister benjamin and tanya who accused abbas of increasing quote as hero unfortunately given the chosen words palestinian leaders. there's no doubt in his room the palestinians are committed to it. cherry is scheduled to meet again on saturday with both president abbas and prime minister netanyahu in africa to contain the bridging gaps between the sides. during meetings with palestinian and israeli leaders secretary of state kerry is true to keep the peace negotiations momentum moving you are here it's going to get. regardless the secretary of state maintains that achieve the peace deal is not a mission impossible impossible now. but it will be difficult stephanie fried cctv from
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mama. one shows here in our danish and norwegian cargo ships and once again failed to was the syrian poet of attack yet from cypress cocoa like to share and chemical weapons for destruction although plans for the cargo ship's cook like the chemicals will attack yet and transport them to an italian court where the us government vessel will be docked and that is preparing to cast off on the front again and they can perform the critical mission of destroying serious chemical weapons for the way that will be carried out as an advance in the four games down and follow through itunes final preparations are underway for the merchant vessel queue in portsmouth virginia. when the work is done in a few days it will be the world's first floating chemical weapons disposal facility designed to destroy serious arsenal majority of the ship's captain. our mission is to go load the stuff into an up or get to be determined and indigo offshore in international waters and process all of
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this stuff and to live until it's safe to be discharged to a reception facility. after considering other options processing material and see solve several problems. this avoids having with these journals and summaries territory. we have to deal with all the thermal conditions associate with doing that. local law this sort of operation has ever been done aboard a ship american scientists decided to take the same equipment used to eliminate u s stockpiles of chemical weapons and converted for use at sea. the caper is expected to depart in the next ten days for the mediterranean possibly near italy with the crew of thirty five plus sixty three chemical weapons disposal experts and a security detail. once it arrives. the mission norwegian ships will ferry up to seven hundred metric tons of chemical weapons material from syria to the cape breton mustard gas and ntfs the other compound that with the most hazardous of ncis erin precursor in the process is completed the seven hundred metric tons of chemical weapons will be
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converted to five point seven million liters still hasn't this liquid waste. we typically a plate that says to drain o r us or in other costs takes a household cleaners with weekend in the process the conventional facilities to deal with industrial waste. and finally as fighting continues in south and earned many ugandan traders account in lhasa as a result fasten on the lines in uganda for most of its imports now cctv is michael balance sheet onto a regional trade of who fled to uganda after fighting broke out two weeks ago. i guess what i can has been working when he spoke to advertising business he's also done with leighton will go to the cooked it too but today the week with the shadows operations of the box uganda. this past year. would you call her. we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. so we'll see
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the ghost month the median rate of interest in this country. it's small but fully complied with me you couldn't read a sequel to the beach it has to do but find his fortune. yes to hiring because of the fight. we actually had to frantically for you and screaming into one pieces. and it was so new to put in it. craig knows most of them wanted to talk about displaying home the cell to the disney dictating the tune of thousands of the guidance of businesses in the wallet in this nation. she's fighting broke out. you couldn't eat but to lead to more than one thousand people. the board eighties. but what kid is one of many den and business people who hopes to sort it out in the cup when he gets tough. mind you. and we'll do one thing station dvd. and when he took with her new push off of them walked away
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knowledge of how things have been getting into when you're really thinking of between four through to the movie and we should meet in austin and ten. i mean we are totally free to go look and look to get going. many soreness what dean business to sell cd's and i sucked it up oh the kitchen decade the hoped for. these can be restored and put it on to normal everyday if i can put to use the touch them financially. michael but ak suited to be about. nf other news we have an ally among nine bay jane and the company he said. it is. asked. i
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asked. just saw. means. so it's i would say that it was
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a stint in the news media's radar. think also that when you see a darkened street people saw it. so the formation of his days being silent. does he do that basically what we do is address it. i neglected dogs and dogs roam the streets of bristol all the dogs we have more than three hundred which opened the door so it's no huge because i'm really living. we are in your face if we have a heretofore iran that had been with me. i was horny and that was yours where people create. events for fun race could be a party we are going to be a dozen meetings with dogs you can see it. given efficient treatment and four. brendon for less. malaysia is awesome. i'm so sensitive
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that they are continually twenty. well that's great because we can say the flight from la do it you and no one knew who will rule at the eye the air. all went instead to feel welcome to the seller's new slide the united nations is calling on international donors to provide more than one hundred and sixty million dollars by march. it says it needs the money to help the hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled the ongoing conflicts in south sudan the u n officials say some two hundred thousand people have been driven from their homes so


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